Training Career Counselors and Career Guidance using Psychometric Tools

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SARONIS Certified by EPOPPEP Lifelong Learning Center in cooperation with the

Counseling & Psychosocial Support Company with the distinctive title "PUKSIDA ZWIS" and

The Professional Orientation portal mysep organizes the Program:


 "Training Career Counselors and Career Guidance using Psychometric Tools"

with the possibility of Certification in the EPOPPEP Registry of Advisors.


  1. To Anyone with a Higher Education Degree
  2. Professionals of various specialties who wish to gain a high level of knowledge in Career Counseling and Career Guidance
  3. Those considering career opportunities in positions concerning Career Counseling in Adolescents, Young and Adults, such as graduates of Psychology, with specialization in Psychology or Pedagogy, Philosophical and Social Studies, Pedagogy, Social Work, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social Administration, Educational and Social Policy, Economic Sciences, Educators and Adult Educators, as well as workers in Lifelong Learning Centers and Careers.

By Ministerial Decision 13173/K6, published in G.G. under. Sheet no. 617/14-2-2022, the terms and specifications of the Qualification Certification System for Career Counselors/Career Guidance are fully defined.

The practice of the profession of Career Counselor/Career Guidance Counselor apart from the necessary knowledge and skills now requires the required certified competence which is only guaranteed by the accession to the respective Sub-registers of the EPOPPEP.

In particular, the inclusion in Sub Registry B of the Register of Career Counselors/Career Guidance of the EPOPPEP is only done with special examinations.

However, in order to be able to take part in these examinations, you should submit a special dossier which, among other things, should contain a certificate of attendance of a special training program in the Counseling and Vocational Guidance.


The Program follows the Thematic Modules and the conditions foreseen for the certification process, in order to be included in the "Register of Career Guidance and Career Counselors" of the National Organization for Certification of Professional Qualifications (EPOPPEP).

With a duration of 300 hours of training and 200 hours of practical training in recognized organizations, in application of the Law. 4111/2013, V.G.C.E. entities of which and will confirm the completion of the traineeship

  1. Opportunity to Work in the Private and Public Sector in the ever growing sector of Career Guidance Counseling

  2. Opportunity for Professional Cooperation in a Network of Cooperating C.L.L.s.
  3. Attestation of successful completion, which is a necessary supporting document, to participate in the EEA certification examinations

  4. Traineeships as provided for by the Ministerial Decree, in V.G.C. E. structures taking a certificate of completion of the traineeship.

  5. Complete preparation for the Simulation of individual career counseling/career guidance session

  6. Provides support by providing up-to-date counseling tools (Study Guides, Psychometric test and continuous update)
  1. Evangelos Chainas. M.S."Counseling and Career Guidance". Certified by EPPOPEP Registry

  2. Maria Skoulaki. Career Counselor - Researcher CV Writing - Academic Advising - Career Development. Certified by EPPOPEP Registry

  3. Fofo Charalabaki. M.S.Counseling & Career Guidance School of Pedagogical & Technological Education.Certified by EPPOPEP Registry

  4. Becky Alexopoulou. M.S."Counseling and Career Guidance". M.S."Education Sciences".Certified by EPPOPEP Registry

  1. Principles of Planning and Organization of the Career Counseling & Career Guidance Framework

  2. Career Counseling & Career Guidance Services Methodology

  3. Evaluation- Feedback Career Counseling & Career Guidance Actions

  4. Counseling & Career Guidance Of Special Populations

  1. Main theories of Counseling and Career Guidance - Professional Development
  2. Code of Conduct - General Principles - Obligations for Quality Assurance of the Consultant's Profession
  3. Functions of Counseling and Vocational Guidance (Self-Awareness, Information, Decision Making, Placement, Transition, Vocational Adjustment - Satisfaction etc.)
  4. Methods of Counseling and Vocational Guidance. Basic Principles Of Consultative Interview Methodology. Main Advisory Interview Techniques. Case Study
  5. Main Vocational Guidance Tools. Basic Ways of Providing Guidance Tools. Case Study
  6. Structure of the Educational System. Selection - Faculties by Scientific Field. Presentation of Analytical Study Guide
  7. Presentation of a Student Guide - An Introduction to Schools, Vocational Rights, Postgraduate Degrees and Exits in the Labor Market
  8. Basic Principles Of Computerization. Case Study
  9. Basic Principles and Types of Needs Investigation. The Golden Rule of Professional Counseling
  10. Key Consultation Issues in Supervision. · Vulnerable Groups
  11. Methods of Strengthening Self-Awareness: Administration of Questionnaires/Specific Tests (Tests), Observation, Role-Playing Games, Simulation Exercises, etc. Career Guidance Tools: Questionnaires - Specific Tests (Tests) of Professional Evaluation (Knowledge, Skills, Professional Interests, Professional Decisions, Work Values) and Ways of Granting
  12. Key Principles for Shaping an Individual Action Plan. Basic Skills for Career Development and Management
  13. Principles for the Preparation and Presentation of Vocational Advisory Reports
  14. Job Search Techniques.
  15. Types of Curriculum Vitae and Accompanying Letters Specifications for the Preparation of a CV and covering letter
  16. Personnel Selection Interview Techniques · Specifications for the Organization of Application File. Basic Principles and Rules for Electronic and Paper Archiving
  17. Institutional Framework for The Preservation of Personal and Sensitive Data. Basic Principles for the Drafting of a Service Plan V.G.C.E.
  18. Basic Principles and Types of Needs Investigation. Basic principles and procedures for setting up networks and partnerships. Main European and National Policies and Actions for Education, Employment and Advisory and Vocational Guidance

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