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Quality Policy

“Our company aiming at the ultimate customer service, and in order to ensure the most effective and continuous improvement of the operation in order to achieve its objectives and goals, applies a certified Quality Management System – according to EN ISO 9001:2008 – in order to provide high quality services, complying with regulatory and legislative requirements and the constant effort to improve both the services provided and the Quality Management System itself.”


Our policy is focused:

The provision of a high level of training and education.
Support for trainees with a view to building on the knowledge acquired and ultimately integrating them into the labor market.
To meet educational needs presented because of the rapid change in the current economic situation.
To the satisfaction of our customers.
In the ongoing effort to improve our performance, resulting in the upgrade of service offerings.

To achieve the above the administration
the Company, undertakes to:

Allocate all necessary resources as needed.
Communicate the quality policy to staff and external staff so that it can be implemented satisfactorily.
Encourage staff and external partners to be actively involved in the implementation of the CMS.
In the ongoing effort to improve its services and continuous coverage and anticipation of requirements.

Security Policy