Counseling Support, Training and Certification in Digital Marketing for Unemployed People up to 29 years of age in the tourism sector

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

The Act aims to provide vocational counseling, training (theoretical and practical training) services, and the certification of knowledge and skills in accordance with the international ISO17024 standard or the EPOPPEP, 1940 young unemployed people registered with the P.E.S., aged up to 29 years, graduates in higher or post-secondary theoretical instruction, from all regions of the country, in order to gain additional knowledge, basic and specific professional skills in Digital Marketing Tourism and to substantially enhance their employment potential.

The action shall include:
PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING ACTIONS to strengthen the beneficiaries for the optimal use of their "stocks" and skills, through the provision of new and innovative methods that ensure their personal development and professional development.
TRAINING ACTIONS to acquire new knowledge, skills and competences that will substantially enhance their employability, the prospect of improving their working conditions and their professional mobility to ensure the most appropriate working conditions and adapt them to changes in the business environment. The operation includes targeted continuing vocational training programs of 540 hours (120 hours in theory and 420 hours in practice) in specialized professional knowledge and skills.
CERTIFICATION of the acquired qualifications/skills of the beneficiaries of the training programs/modules, through an assessment of their knowledge and competence, will be provided on the basis of standard procedures and will be carried out by accredited person’s certification bodies, in accordance with the international standard ISO/ IEC 17024 or the EPOPPEP or through internationally recognized product certifications.


The duration of the Training is 540 hours (120 hours of theoretical training and 420 hours of practical training in small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector).

Training Object
The title of the Training Program is:
“Digital Marketing in Tourism - Social Media”. It includes, for example, the following fields of knowledge.
•Ethics and Regulations.
•Knowledge of advertising ethics
•Knowledge of restrictions and bans on advertising in Facebook/AdWords
•Knowledge of GDPR regulation
•Basic knowledge of questionnaire or qualitative research
•Tactical contact plan through social media
•Basic knowledge of Analytics platform and social media analytics
•Create groups and forums, community buildingg
•Google AdWords
•Facebook Manager
•Create basic communication images with marketing online tools, e.g.
•Basic SEO terminology
•Optimize SEO ranking
All the hours of the traineeship are carried out in enterprises, in real working conditions

Education allowance
The gross total value of the Education Allowance is: 540 hours of training* x 5,00 € = 2,700,00 €

Conditions for participation - Criteria required
Applicants in the program shall:
· be registered with the P.E.S. Unemployed Register, with unemployment card in force, whether or not they receive unemployment benefit,
· not have the student, student or student status. Especially V.T.I. graduates should have completed the certification exams,
· on the date of their application and on the date of entry into the Act (i.e. the date of the 1st Advisory Session) be up to 29 years old, i.e. they have completed the 29th year and are in the 30th year,
· have completed the process of individualized approach of the P.E.S. and have drawn up their Individual Action Plan,
· be graduates in higher or post-secondary theoretical courses.

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